A popular Catalan saying goes like "Barcelona is good when the purse sounds" (i.e, if it is full of money: "Barcelona és bona si la bossa sona")... There's a cliché about us Catalans of being money-obsessed. A local author (Joan de Déu Prats) called Barcelona "the city of the gardens with chimney". A current self-publicity advert released by the City Hall goes: "I live in a city open to the sea, kind to the visitor, with beaches, with wild boars, with a Sònar Festival; I live in a city made of the sum of little towns and of big cultures; I live in a modernist / contemporary / modern / ancient / gothic city; I live in the city of design, of art, of Mrs. Rose, of the bravas potatoes, of the bulding works in Lesseps Sq.; I live in the Eixample, in the Montbau, in the Guineueta, in Diputació St., I live in Barcelona".

Dimitri Turin