Vacanze romane - My adventures in the encient City

The Niobe of nations! there she stands, Childless and crownless, in her voiceless woe. Lord Byron (1788–1824), English poet. Referring to Rome. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (1818). When in Rome, live as the Romans do: when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere. Attributed to: Saint Ambrose (339?–397?), Roman clergyman. Advice given to Saint Augustine. He so improved the city that he justly boasted that he found it brick and left it marble. Suetonius (70?–130?), Roman historian and biographer, 25? BC. Referring to the improvements Emperor Augustus had made to Rome. Rome must be the capital of Italy because without Rome Italy cannot be constituted. Camillo Benso Cavour (1810–1861), Italian statesman. Speech, Turin (March 25, 1861).